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Thread: C++ versus C#

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    Question C++ versus C#

    I hear that C# seems to be one of those new languages coming out that is supposed to "revolutionize" programming. I don't really like it. I like how C++ can slip into low-level features and still get as abstract as to have polymorphism and object-orientation. Yet C# seems to be a little more limited to the abstract domain (like Java).

    I know C++ can be used for many different types of applications well, but what about C#? In what areas does C# provide better support for? I don't see it as worth getting used to a new language if you can still program it in the old one with no substantial advantages. I hear the internet is one of those things, but I'm really fuzzy on how applications work online, etc.

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    Bad crossposter... Anyone who wants to vote on this can use the thread on the C# forum.

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