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    Tokenizing a string

    Hey, I just moved from C to C++ I got a very small problem.

    Say I want to take a fraction as an input -> i.e. 4/8

    Is there a way using strings to split it at the '/' or do I need to use C strings?

    If so how do I convert them, and do I need to include any C libraries? (string.h for example?)

    I have seen some examples but can't get them to work.

    Would it be easier (and possible) to take the input in a char* in the first place?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you trust the user, you can read number << character << number. Check that the character is '/' as a precaution. As far as splitting C++ strings, you've got find and copy

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    Ok cool, that works

    Hopefully I have no more questions but if so I will just update this thread.

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    Only if the question pertain to this topic should you add them here. Otherwise you are not labelled a spammer for separating new topics into new threads (which is generally better since the boards are also a repository of knowledge).

    Also check out the stringstream class.

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