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    Hash Function

    I came up with a string hashing algorithm which I haven't seen before, and I was hoping to get some opinions on whether it has merit as a usable hashing function for things like cryptography.

    unsigned long hash(const std::string& str)
      std::string::iterator it;
      unsigned long hashed = 0;
      for(it = str.begin(); it != str.end(); it++)
        hashed = ((hashed - (*it)) << ((*it) &#37; 7)) + (*it);
      return hashed;

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    Algorithm aside, that certainly would not be good enough for use as a cryptographic hash since the output is limited to 64 bits, at most, on typical platforms. It would be far too vulnerable to a birthday attack.

    The algorithm itself looks like one of those used for hash tables.
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    It looks solid for making a hash table. Though for that purpose it looks like it may have some collisions with higher valued characters.

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    Is the modulo operation truly necessary? Modulo is still among the slowest integer operations you can execute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee View Post
    Is the modulo operation truly necessary? Modulo is still among the slowest integer operations you can execute.
    You could get a similar result by & 7 - but it extends the range a little bit from 0..6 to 0..7 - I have no idea if that matters much here.

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