Thread: convert reference to pointer?

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    convert reference to pointer?


    I have a function that gives me a string reference:
    int funcA (string &s)
    { ...}
    and within there I need to call a function that takes a void pointer:
    int funcB(void *v) { ...}
    is there any way to convert the string reference to a void pointer?

    basically I want to call something like this (pass in the address of s)
     int result = funcB( &s );

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    What does funcB expect about the void pointer it is given? If it just using it as memory, then just pass in the address. If it expects say a character string, then you'll have to turn your string into a char[] or similar.

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    hmm,... actually I didn't expect funcB( &s ) to work
    but I guess it does!

    I thought since s was already a reference, that taking the address of s would be some kind of a double pointer. But I guess I thought wrong

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    Think of it this way: Everything you do on a reference operates as if you performed it on the variable it is referencing - including taking the address of it.
    So whether s was a reference or not, you're taking the address of some string instance somewhere.
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    And very, very likely, there's nothing useful funcB can do with the address.
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