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    Precompiled Headers

    I am using an application called Matlab as a data processing and plotting tool. Matlab has a compiler which will compile its own code into C++ code which it claims can be built in MSC++ ver 5.0.

    However, when it has compiled it produces a number of .cpp files and associated .hpp files. I understand the .hpp files are precompiled header files and unlike the standard .h header files.

    I am unfamiliar with these, so could anyone help me to understand how I can build them in MSC++ ver 5.0

    Many thanks

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    Try to build them normally first. Sometimes people like to differentiate between C and C++ headerfiles by naming C++ headers .hpp.

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    try this:

    if the header files produced are stored in the same directory as the executable file of your program then include them in your program with double quotes in the list of files using the preprocessor command

    #include "whatever.hpp".

    Otherwise use the angled bracket technique #include <whatever.hpp>.

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