Thread: Variable question I can't find answer to

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    Variable question I can't find answer to

    Hello, I am sure this is simple, It must be too late, I am going through tutorials, I simply cannot find how to define a variable that is text?

    is it char?

    char[100] for example?

    I know int is for integer, all examples I see have integer variables, I simply want to do the basic

    "hello, your name is (variable)" where
    (variable) is data from input from user

    I just can't find how to define a text variable

    I know, silly, I can do if/loops with int variables, but I can't find text variables, ok, being laughing

    Ps. It's 5 am, my apologies if I missed this in the faq, it is not to be rude, I really am digging to find this, not asking for code to be written for me (gulp)

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    >>> char[100] for example?

    That is one way. In C/C++ there is a category of strings, (text), called "Null terminated strings". These are basically arrays of characters with a NULL character to mark the end of the string. Your array above could hold a text string 99 characters long, (the hundreth character would be the NULL to terminate it).

    #include <stdio.h> 
    int main() 
    	char abc[6]; 
    	return 0;
    There are other types of string as well. What to use depends on what you are doing, with what, why, and with what goal.
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    there are two basic ways, one is char[50] or whatever, but if you include the string library you can decalre a string directly:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;

    int main(void)
    string name = "Herbert";

    cout << "hello " << name ;

    hope this helps.
    if you use the standard namespace you can also do direct comparisons, i think, like;

    if (name == othername)

    without using strcmp etc.

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    Thank you so much, this was nice of you (and damn fast)

    I will practice this

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