Thread: a thanks to you ,and an early start on Data structures

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    a thanks to you ,and an early start on Data structures

    Thank you all soooo much for helping me on my last C++ class. I got an A- in the course. Big thanks to Matsp.

    I have a few days before my next course named Data Structures begins. It will go over stacks, queues, trees and encapsulating them into ADT's. Does anyone know where i can review this before the class starts, to get a jump on it?

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    If you want to frighten yourself, take a look at the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

    Prelude has a couple of tutorials on specific algorithms and data structures that will make you eternally confuzzled. Unfortunately, they appear to be mainly written in C, which may not help you as much if you are looking for code in a C++ style. (But then the concepts matter more, right?)
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