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    recv data with sockets


    Im not sure if this post should be in this board or the network programming board, anyway here is my question.

    I am coding a server program with sockets on linux and when I got to the recv part I noticed a unexpected behaviour.

    Here is the code for the recv data part:
    //read some data
    char recvBuf;
    	error = recv(new_fd, &recvBuf, 1, 0);
    	switch (error)
    	case -1:
    		cout << "[ERROR] recieving data" << endl;
    		recvBuf = '.';
    	case 0:
    		cout << "Connection to client was lost" << endl;
    		recvBuf = '.';
    		cout << recvBuf;
    } while (recvBuf != '.');
    Now when I run this and connect to the server with telnet, the server waits until I press ENTER until it writes recvBuf to the screen. But if I press '.' the program ends without me pressing ENTER.

    How can the text I type in telnet be saved and then printed, shouldn't the recvBuf be overwritten for every new data the server reads ?

    Thanks for helping me understand this.

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    The output is probably buffered until it sees a newline.
    Try cout.flush()
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks that worked.

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