Thread: order of execution of tokens in a c++ source code

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    Unhappy order of execution of tokens in a c++ source code

    Please give me guidelines on how to go about writing a program which prints the order of execution of tokens in a c++ source code.
    The c++ source code file will be inputed by the user, the program has to print in which order the statements will be executed..

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    There will be executed sequentially. What more do you want?

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    The order of execution is usually undefined, except as constrained by the order of operations and sequence points.
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    Tokens can't be executed; they're just tokens. Order of operations in a statement is not completely defined, as noted above. "Order of operations" for statements is normally top to bottom -- gotos would be easy to figure out, but for loops will be harder, and it may be impossible to figure out without running the program how many times a while loop (or some for loops, for that matter) will run.

    In other words, we have no idea what you're actually trying to do.

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    If it were possible to solve that for the general case then it would probably be possible to solve the halting problem too.
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