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    I have a way to ::iterate the dimensions for a vector as in the first code.
    Now I am using a List as in the second code and looking for
    how this list will iterate in the same way as for the vector but have problem to find examples of this.
    I have begun some code for the list but something might be missing.

    typedef std::vector<string> One;
    typedef std::vector<One> Two;
    typedef std::vector<Two> Three;
    Three Listing;	
    for (Three::iterator a = Listing.begin(); a != Listing.end(); ++a) 
    for (Two::iterator b = a->begin(); b != a->end(); ++b)			
    for (One::iterator c = b->begin(); c != b->end(); ++c)			
    typedef List<String^> One;
    typedef List<One^> Two;
    typedef List<Two^> Three;
    Three Listing;	
    for(int a = 0; a < Three().Count + 1; ++a)
    for(int b = 0; b < Two().Count + 1; ++b)
    for(int c = 0; c < One().Count + 1; ++c)

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    You can do the same for lists as you do with vectors, using iterators

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    Note, though, that's List, not std::list (as was stipulated in the vector example). Is this a CLI List? I don't know about iterators with that, but I'm sure there's an easy way to iterate through it, but having never used it I don't know.

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