Thread: initialization of char array (c style string)

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    initialization of char array (c style string)

    hey how would you initialize all the elements of a char array in the array declaration to a specific character ?


    int array[MAX] = {0};

    initializes all the elements to zero

    i want a char array to initialize all of its element to ' '

    my try was

    char array[MAX] = { ' ' }
    but the array has the first element to ' ' all else to null why ?

    BTW i want it to be done in the array declaration, i know i can ran the array through a loop and initialize but im thinking that there might be another way

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    An array is filled with the data you give, then zero's to fill the remaining items. So if you want to fill your array with spaces, you need to give as many spaces as MAX indicates (or one less if you want the last item to be a NUL character).

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