Thread: Birthstones, Months, Strings and Functions!

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    OHH, i get it... 1 for Jan will be 1 for Feb, Thank you. Noticed it when debugging. so i should put a "Null" for the first index(Wrong) I just did a months[1-month](wrong); ... Now I'm confused...

    Ok i got it.. was reverced had to use month[month-1]; which adjusts it to the previous index. +rep

    Listen, I appreciate all of your time and knowledge helping me with this.

    But it's not over, it's a on-going project. Hopefully I'll be smart and stay with the class but you never know.
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    odd request but can someone delete this topic? Or edit the code out of all the messages? It seems that when the teacher made up this project, he wanted to use it again. So having it here is a google search of answers to week 3. So please edit out the code or just delete the topic, thank you.

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    You can edit your own post bud. Just click edit. I see that you are aware of the editting capability since you did edit the post prior to this one. It would probably just be easier to delete the whole thread though.... Your code had been rehashed like 1000 times.

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