Thread: possible reasons wstring is out of sync with _Bx?

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    possible reasons wstring is out of sync with _Bx?

    hey guys, i'm running into an extremely weird problem.

    i'm using VS2003.NET if that matters.

    here are some relevant data structures being used, almost verbatim:
    struct A
      std::wstring Begin;
      std::wstring End;
    std::wstring TrimSpace(const std::wstring& value);
    void SomeMethod()
      // read from database into a Row using OLEDB
      A a;
      a.Begin = TrimSpace(row.Begin); // succeeds
      a.End = TrimSpace(row.End); // sometimes fails
    what i mean when i say it fails is that in the debugger, the value of a.End will show some messed up character (non-ascii) or ???. however, if i expand the value of the string in the debugger, the buffer (usually _Bx or _Buf) will show the correct value from row.End.

    why is the wstring not getting the correct value stored? thanks.

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    As you say, it gets it stored, just not displayed by the debugger. That's a bug in the debugger's wstring visualization, nothing else.
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    yes, that is the problem. thanks. btw, there's a solution here for those interested:

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