Thread: Convert console sorting program to GUI?

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    Question Convert console sorting program to GUI?

    I have a little program I wrote that is for organizing sports cards to find what is missing from that set.

    Basicall you enter the set numbers you do have, then it outputs the numbers your missing cards in numerical order and shows you the doubles you have also. This either cuts out the sorting by hand, or verify what you did by hand.

    So anyways I have been looking at how to create a GUI. From what I understand wxWidgets seems like a good way to go vs. MFC or win32.

    My gui will be petty simple, some labels, some text boxes and a couple of buttons and a print function.

    I have really no idea how to use this gui package, what i'm looking for a answer to is:

    1. Am I looking at the right type of program?
    2. Is this a faily efficient way to program GUI's, as for learning how to do it?
    3. Any good tutorials out there, I'm still hunting on this one.

    I have code::blocks and VS 2008 for IDE's with compliers.


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    The Forgers Tutorial is a good starting-point for Win32. (I've never used MFC or wXWidgets.)

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