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    function argument not needed

    I have a function that takes a string as an argument. I call the function from main but because the function is recursive, I pass it a dummy string. Once inside the function that string is overwritten (because it is useless) and in short the recursive process begins and everything works great.

    My question is, is there anyway around having to pass the dummy string to the function from main? The string argument is only needed once inside the called function for recursion.


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    Make it an optional parameter.
    void foo(const string& bar = string());
    // or
    void foo(string bar = string());

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    Here is a way:
    myFun(char *dummyString);
    Fun() {
       char *string = "Overwritten Value";
    so you can call Fun() instead of myFun(). Fun() will be like a function to initialize myFun(), your original function.

    I don't think there is another way. Well, maybe a macro could do the trick. Like:
    #define myFun() myFun("");
    so when you write myFun() it will be replaced with myFun(""), with "" as the dummy string.

    Which is "better"? The first is more readable, the second might be more efficient, depending on your function

    EDIT: But of course optional parameter seems much better (didn't know it existed)
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