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    Arraylist methods

    I have class arraylist with all basic procedures (checkIndex, get, insert, erase nad output).
    In private or protected part i have:
    T* element  //1D field that contains elements of list
    int arrayLength  //size of field
    int listSize  //number of elements in list
    I have to add two methods in class:

    • arrayList<T>::removeRange ( remove elements on given interval. Interval has to be passed with inital and final index)
      Example: x=[1,2,3,4,5] //list
      x.removeRange(1,3) //call method
      x=[1,5] //result
    • arrayList<T>::swap(i,j)
      (replace elements on indexes i and j)
      Example: x=[1,2,3,4,5] //list
      x.swap(1,3) //call method
      x=[1,4,3,2,5] //result

    I try to add those two methods but without success
    I don't know what to write in parenthesises beside method, which two variables should I use? Can I just come up with new two of them or have I use already existent?

    I also attached how i try to write one method. I don't know if this is right type of thinking or should i think in different way.
    Every opinion and help is more than wellcome
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    Edited for clarity.

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    Well you officially have the cutest name for a new member. I digress. Why not use iterators?

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    element[i] has type T
    so I suppose the temp var should be of that type as well
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    I think you can only use templates in header files..

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    I think you're trying to make swap do too much. It shouldn't involve any loops, temp should be of type T, and you need to use the input parameters a and b. You could also do range checking if you want to be tidy.
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