Thread: I need help!!! Anyone good w/Loops

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    Question I need help!!! Anyone good w/Loops

    have midterms tomorrow and I cannot get this to work out. I will have an example like this on my test and I've tried all night. I need a C++ whiz!!! This is the problem.

    The Early Raildroad Corporation pays an annual bonus as part of its profit sharing plan. This year all employees who have been with the company for 10 years or more receive a bonus of 12 percent of thier annual salary, and those who have worked at Early from 5 through 9 years will receive a bonus of 5.75 percent. Those who have been with the company less than 5 yrs receive no bonus.

    Ask for the employee ID number, the employees annual salary, and the number of years employed with the company, then find and print the bonus. All bonuses should be rounded to the nearest dollar. Use a loop to allow for more that one employee. Use a cout to ask if there is another employee to be entered and a cin (y/n) and continue looping if (y). Keep a total of bonus paid. Output should be in the following form:

    Employee ID:
    Years of Service:
    Bouns Earned:
    If you have any advice please e-mail me at
    I will owe you my life!!!!

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    You will find it very tough to find someone here that will do you homework for you... that is of course if you ever read this...

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    Come on man, this is basic c++, read a turtorial and it should only take you a short time, you'll never get anywhere asking people to do it for you. if your midterms are tommorrow and it involves c++ what the hell have you been doing the whole year.
    Read a tutorial there all over the net and i think theres a few in here, it will only take you about 30 minutes after that.

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    even i know this

    i mean this is very basic

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    Okay guys, I think he will have got the message by now...
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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    My advice is don't start your projects on the last day.

    In addition, you could have read the
    Read this first... post in the forum.

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    As mentioned, here, no one will do ur homework;but this will show you the line, and to be honest, it is very basic:

    #include <iostream.h>

    class Cbonus
    double anual, bonus;
    int year;
    Cbonus getData(void);
    double calcualteBonus(Cbonus);

    Cbonus Cbonus::getData(void){
    Cbonus bonus;
    cout <<"Anual: ";
    cout <<"years: ";
    return bonus;
    double Cbonus::calcualteBonus(Cbonus myBonus)
    double x;
    if (myBonus.year>=10)

    if ((myBonus.year>5)&&(myBonus.year<9))
    if (myBonus.year<5)

    return x;

    int main()
    Cbonus myBonus;
    double bonus;
    cout<<"\nBonus is:"<<bonus<<"\n";
    return 0;

    Nima Ranjbar

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