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    indirection error

    Lets say I make a function that takes a float*, the idea being that the function can access the values stored in the array.

    bool Checkf(float *colors);

    now inside the function i do this.

    float tred = colors[0];
    float tgrn = colors[1];
    float tblu = colors[2];

    is that right for what I want? I thought it would have to be

    float tred = *colors[0];

    but it gives me an indirection error when i do that.

    The problem im haveing is with this function, I dont think its getting the right values from the passed array, but it still might be something else I havent thought of yet.

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    >float tred = colors[0];
    This is correct. It's essentially saying take the value of the address pointed to by colors + 0 and place it in the float variable tred. You pass the float pointer by saying float *colors, which is the same as float colors[]. Array notation is allowed, and thank god for that

    >float tred = *colors[0];
    This is not correct. It says to go to the address pointed to by the value of the address of colors + 0 and place the value of that location in the float variable tred. colors[0] is not a pointer, it's a float variable so the indirection is invalid, you can't dereference a float variable.

    The two are very different, but subtlely so. I can see how this would be confusing.

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