Thread: Assignment operator help.

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    Assignment operator help.

    if (current==start_ptr)
              cout<<"you are at the end of the list"<<endl;
    { node *previous; //declare pointer
        while (previous->nxt !=current)
             {   previous=previous->nxt;
    current=previous; // would this work the same if it
    were previous=current?

    //This is just to gain access no a previous node on a linked list
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    That should work, but it would be much simpler to just have a whisker pointer to feel ahead of current and you can use current to read the values.
    node *current = head, *whisker = current->next;
    while ( whisker != start_ptr ) {
      if ( whisker->key == someValue ) {
        current = whisker; whisker = current->next;
    The whisker is also immensely useful in deleting a node in a single linked list.

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