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    Unhappy right justify a text file

    Does anybody know how you would right justify a text file?

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    first i'd check the file to see if every line only consisted of 80 characters per line. [which would be the usual right justification, seeing as how it comes from the ole' 80x25 text display we know and love]. then for each line i'd see how long it was, and prepend the remaining space to each line in order to make every line 80 chracters long, and thus right justifying it...
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    You can't really.

    Take notepad for example. There is no right justify. You could count the number of spaces in an open notepad on your desktop and place spaces before a set 'count' of characters then a newline and do the same until your data has ended... but if you modified the notepad window size, your data would look all choppy(wordwrap or not). You would also have to take into account that you wouldn't want to return in the middle of a word....

    You could create a .html file that has text right justified that would open in a browser.

    But a text file...

    no go.


    if you are opening the text file in a dos console with 'edit', you can do like I said while using DA's recommendations for an 80 character line display....
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