Thread: a new type of error to me?

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    a new type of error to me?

    hi, ive been compiling my program ok until i came across the following error


    The weird thing is that the code im putting in seems to be correct to my eye. To check this out i was first running it in the borland command line compiler for quickness. This is where i get the error. I put it into the borland c++ builder 6 program and i got no errors? this seems a bit random to me? Is it some sort of size related error that the command line version can only handle so many lines? Seems strange that my program has hit around the 30000 lines mark then got this error? I would appreciated anyones input


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    The error code "IMP302" seems to indicate an "implementation" error, probably due to an implementation limit of the compiler, which in turn is probably due to your astoundingly huge source file. Break it into chunks.
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    I did a quick google, and it appears to be some form of linker limitation that causes this problem - from what I can tell - and one post said "spltting the project in halves solves the problem".

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    That is an interesting, yet arbitrary limitation. I wonder why that is an issue. Splitting your code has the added advantage of making it more user friendly to others trying to read your code. If I need to look at the source for the FuzzyAnimal class, by golly I look in FuzzyAnimal.cpp.

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    The line number needs to be recorded for errors and __LINE__ macros. The 30000 limit reported is close to the 16-bit signed integer limit of approximately 32767. Perhaps there are 32767 lines or more, and the line number is recorded in a 16-bit signed integer type.

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