Thread: Problem using a privatly defined struct

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    Problem using a privatly defined struct

    I have this code:

    template <class T>
    class SortedList
    	struct Node
    		T data;
    		Node* next;
    	Node* m_head;
    	Node* m_current;
    	friend bool operator==<T>(const SortedList<T>& L1, const SortedList<T>& L2);
    and i try to use Node in the friend function:

    template <class T>
    bool operator==(const SortedList<T>& L1, const SortedList<T>& L2) 
    	SortedList<T>::Node* head1 = L1.m_head;
    	SortedList<T>::Node* head2 = L2.m_head;
    	while (head1 != NULL && head2 != NULL) {
    		if (head1->data != head2->data) {
    			return false;
    		head1 = head1->next;
    		head2 = head2->next;
    	return (head1 == NULL && head2 == NULL);
    the compiler (g++) doesn't recognize the type, although i made this function friend... i guess it's template related, but i can't find any info on how to do it with templates...

    it just says:
    ../sortedlist.h:163: error: ‘head1’ was not declared in this scope
    ../sortedlist.h:164: error: ‘head2’ was not declared in this scope

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    You may need to indicate that operator== is a template function:
        template <class T_>
        friend bool operator==(const SortedList<T_>& L1, const SortedList<T_>& L2);
    And then you might need the typename keyword, as you normally do for types nested within templated types:

    	typename SortedList<T>::Node* head1 = L1.m_head;
    	typename SortedList<T>::Node* head2 = L2.m_head;
    I might be wrong.

    Thank you, anon. You sure know how to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away.
    Quoted more than 1000 times (I hope).

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    thank you!!

    "typename" was what i've been looking for.

    the first thing you suggested isn't necessary because i predefined operator== as a template.

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