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    Smile Where to next?


    I am sort of new to c++, I am currently reading an intro book to the language and i want to be a game programmer. I understand the dirt basics such as:

    cout << "Bla bla bla";
    int variable;
    cin >> variable;
    and other basic stuff

    can someone tell me where all this fits into games?
    i mean, all the programs i make are on simple black screen thingys

    I really dont get how i make games with this language....

    Help me please

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    I wonder why everyone always says they want to be a game programmer?
    You never hear someone say "I want to be a database programmer" or "I want to be a security product programmer"...

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    No Kidding, geez you would think that game programmers get a the women. I would think they would want a driver programmer.

    But to tell you the truth, you have quite a bit to learn yet.

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    I really dont get how i make games with this language....
    Don't confuse games with fancy graphics. (Far too many game companies do ) You already know enough to make text-based adventures.

    Anyway, do you know object-oriented programming yet? Are you familiar with the standard library? Those are basic tasks that you should have accomplished before venturing into event-based, graphical programming.
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