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    I know I'm going to get shunned at by the whole of the programming community, however I've never succesfully used or relied on a debugger... yes I know shame shame!

    I would like to learn how to use GNU compiler, but when I go to downlaod it I have to compile it! And I'm having absolutly no luck compiling it with DevCpp on Vista... I would like to know if anyone would be willing to help me along with either compiling the debugger, or helping me set it up.

    And possibly learning how to debug...

    I know that there are many many tutorials online that explain how to debug, so I don't expect someone to go and hold my hand, but I would like to know how to compile the debugger, and some basics of how to use it if at all possible... If I sound too newbish just ignore me.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    DevCpp is an IDE which uses MinGW. MinGW is the Windows port of the GNU compiler collection (GCC) and associated tools (binutils). Included is GDB - the debugger.

    When DevCPP was installed, it also installed MinGW. So you already have a working debugger ready to go. DevCPP (as an IDE) has a GUI interface for common debugging tasks - like setting break points and inspecting/changing variables while debugging.

    CodeBlocks ( is another IDE with visual debugging capabilities you may want to try (also uses MinGW).

    Visual C++ Express is also free and contains a fully visual debugger.


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    I used to be a dedicated Dev user, until I discovered VC's debugger! So yeah, you need to switch to VC. VC also has slightly more fancy features than Dev excluding the debugger.
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