Thread: C++ Referance sheet and/or book

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    Talking C++ Referance sheet and/or book

    I am currently reading C++ Primer Plus and i love it!
    But, i have a question:
    I understand that header files (like "cmath" or "iostream") contain libraries of functions (like "sqrt()") and there are tons of header files and users can make their own (correct me if im wrong) but is there some kind of refrence book i can use to learn some of these header files, libraries, and most importantly functions.


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    The book I would recommend is The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference by Nicolai M. Josuttis. There are also online resources such as this C++ Reference. The most authoritative reference would be the C++ Standard itself, which can be purchased from the ANSI store for around 30 USD (but draft versions are available for free online).
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    For a reference on the language itself, I'd say Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language" is the best source.
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    This site isn't too bad for a quick reference, but it has some things that are missing:
    There's plenty of other sites like it out there too.

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    For a simple reference of standard functions, there's several online, as pointed out. If you're going to get serious about C++ - buying the standard (or at least bookmarking one of the drafts) is a really good idea - it'll details lots of the specifics that may not be spelled out when you're first learning the language.

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