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    automatic constructor defaulting


    I just came across this "feature" in c++:

    class Blah{
          Blah() {};
          Blah(const string& thestr) {};
          Blah(const char* mwah) {}
    void moo(const Blah& theblah){
       // do nothing
    int main(){
    So obviously moo only should be taking a Blah class, but somehow it can also take a char* and a string? What is this feature called? I'm just making sure this is standard c++..

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    This is in the realm of standard C++. A temporary is created in each case, and the const reference parameter can bind to this temporary. If you wish to prevent this implicit conversion, declare the respective constructors as explicit, e.g.,
    explicit Blah(const string& thestr) {}
    explicit Blah(const char* mwah) {}
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    Hmm. Interesting. Learned something new here. So that's why functions expecting a std::string can be thrown a "const char *", too.

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    Yeah, I think this would be useful as a way to lazily implement overloading.. heh

    thanks laserlight

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