Thread: NetBeans + Cygwin driving me insane

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    NetBeans + Cygwin driving me insane

    Ok, I recently downloaded NetBeans to use as an IDE, but I cannot make NetBeans run my C++ application. I'll try to summarize, any help would be greatly appreciated:

    1) I can build+link just fine. I am using all the Cygwin GNU stuff (g++, gdb, ld, etc).
    2) I can go into Cygwin and manually run my application.
    3) Running through NetBeans results in exit code 53 (something about network path not found).
    4) I can build and run a sample program that comes with the NetBeans IDE.
    5) I am linking a couple of DLLs. I'm not clear on if they are statically, or dynamically linked, but after searching the internet I thought maybe one of them is dynamically linked and the NetBeans IDE cannot find it. But my PATH variable is pretty much the same in Cygwin, and in Windows. (one of the dlls is a postgresql library, the other basically a math library)
    6) I tried playing with pretty much all the options in NetBeans (additional library search directories, extra compiler/linker options such as --enable-shared etc., but nothing seems to work).

    I've wasted like 4 hours trying to figure this out. Please help if you have any ideas!! Thanks.

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    Go ahead and try Code::Blocks @
    In contrary to netbeans it is completely dedicated to C/C++. I also downloaded netbeans two days ago, after already having Code::Blocks and I also had problems, and let me tell you that I prefer Code::Blocks.
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    If you really do want to use Netbeans for C++ development, then read this article on Netbeans C/C++ Pack. It suggests the use of the MinGW port instead of Cygwin.
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    Thanks for the replies...

    CodeBlocks + MinGW tools made it far easier to get running for some reason.

    I ended up getting it to work with NetBeans and Cygwin GNU tools as well (just because it was bugging the heck out of me). The only difference is I have to include 2 postgresql dlls with NetBeans (postgres.lib and libpq.dll), but in CodeBlocks I can just include postgres.lib. I'm not sure I understand why. Also NetBeans seems to have issues with spaces any paths.

    CodeBlocks' IDE seems better overall so I'll probably work with that.

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    Code::Blocks is a nice IDE, I have been quite happy with it.

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