Thread: compilation problems with static data member

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    compilation problems with static data member

    I am getting some problems with compiling the following code.
    It gives me the following error. I think its ver staright forward and its just that I am missing something. pls help.

    I want to access statis data member which is an array of some other class type.
    error message:

    CalculateMovieSimilarity.cpp.text+0x3ce): undefined reference to `CalculateMovieSimilarity::ifileObject'
    CalculateMovieSimilarity.cpp.text+0x4a7): undefined reference to `CalculateMovieSimilarity::ifileObject'
    CalculateMovieSimilarity.cpp.text+0x547): undefined reference to `CalculateMovieSimilarity::ifileObject'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    and following is the code snippet

    class IndexFileObject
        public: int count;
                int referencebytepos;
                int relativebytepos[DATEINTERVALS];
    class CalculateMovieSimilarity
        public: static string indexfilename;
                static IndexFileObject ifileObject[17770];            
                static void createifileObject();
    void CalculateMovieSimilarity::createifileObject(){

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    Do you have an actual instance of that static class data member somewhere in your source file?
    CalculateMovieSimilarity::IndexFileObject ifileObject[17770];
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