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    Terrific, so what does gmThread look like?
    Quote Originally Posted by Adak View Post
    io.h certainly IS included in some modern compilers. It is no longer part of the standard for C, but it is nevertheless, included in the very latest Pelles C versions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia View Post
    Terrific, so what does gmThread look like?
    Wasn't sure whether you'd want it all pasted! Here it is:

    /// \class gmThread
    /// \brief gmThread.. try to keep this class's memory footprint small.. at the time of this comment, its
    ///        76 bytes.
    class gmThread : public gmListDoubleNode<gmThread>, public gmHashNode<int, gmThread>
      gmThread(gmMachine * a_machine, int a_initialByteSize = GMTHREAD_INITIALBYTESIZE);
      virtual ~gmThread();
      enum State
        RUNNING = 0,
        EXCEPTION, //!< exception state, for debugging
      inline const int GetKey() const { return m_id; }
    #if GM_USE_INCGC
      void GCScanRoots(gmMachine* a_machine, gmGarbageCollector* a_gc);
    #else //GM_USE_INCGC
      /// \brief Mark() will call Mark() for all objects in the stack.
      void Mark(gmuint32 a_mark);
    #endif //GM_USE_INCGC
      /// \brief Sys_Execute() will perform execution on this thread.  a this, function references, params and stack
      ///        frame must be pushed before a call to execute will succeed.
      /// \param a_return will be set to the return variable iff Sys_Execute returns gmThread::KILLED. 
      /// \return the new thread state.
      State Sys_Execute(gmVariable * a_return = NULL);
      /// \brief Sys_Reset() will reset the thread.
      void Sys_Reset(int a_id);
      /// \brief Sys_SetState() will set the thread state.
      inline void Sys_SetState(State a_state) { m_state = a_state; }
      /// \brief PushStackFrame will push a stack frame and adjust the instruction and code pointers. 
      ///        If the function to be called is a c bound function, the call will occur within PushStackFrame.
      ///        Before PushStackFrame is called, this, fp, and params must be pushed on the stack.
      /// \param a_numParameters is the number of params pushed after the function ref.
      /// \param a_ip is the current instruction pointer (pointing to instruction after call.) will be adjusted for new function.
      /// \param a_cp is the current code pointer.  will be adjusted for the new function. a_cp MUST be valid if a_ip is valid.
      /// \return gmThreadState
      State PushStackFrame(int a_numParameters, const gmuint8 ** a_ip = NULL, const gmuint8 ** a_cp = NULL);

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    This, with changes in red, compiles with gcc 3.4.2 with "g++ -Wall -pedantic -ansi -c xx.cpp"
    With an embedded compiler, I get a problem because Nullify() for gmListDoubleNode<T> doesn't have a member function Nullify(). Probably declared in the "GM_INCLUDE_ITERATOR(T)" part, which I don't have.

    #define NULL 0
    template <class T>
    class gmListDoubleNode;
    /// \class gmListDouble
    /// \brief Templated intrusive doubly linked list using a sentinal node
    template <class T>
    class gmListDouble
      /// \class Iterator
      class Iterator
        inline Iterator() { m_node = NULL; m_list = NULL; }
        inline Iterator(T * a_node, const gmListDouble * a_list) { m_node = a_node; m_list = a_list; }
        inline void Inc() { m_node = m_list->GetNext(m_node); }
        inline void Dec() { m_node = m_list->GetPrev(m_node); }
        inline bool IsValid() const { return (m_list && m_list->IsValid(m_node)); }
        T * m_node;
        const gmListDouble * m_list;
      // methods
      inline gmListDouble();
      inline ~gmListDouble();
      inline void InsertAfter(T * a_cursor, T * a_elem);
      inline bool IsValid(const T* a_elem) const { return (a_elem != &m_sentinel); }
      inline T* GetFirst() const { return (T*) m_sentinel.m_next; }
      inline T* GetLast() const { return (T*) m_sentinel.m_prev; }
      inline T* GetNext(const T* a_elem) const { return (T*) a_elem->gmListDoubleNode<T>::m_next; }
      inline T* GetPrev(const T* a_elem) const { return (T*) a_elem->gmListDoubleNode<T>::m_prev; }
      inline bool IsEmpty() const { return (m_sentinel.m_next == &m_sentinel); }
      inline Iterator First(void) const { return Iterator(static_cast<T*>(m_sentinel.m_next), this); }
      inline Iterator Last(void) const { return Iterator(static_cast<T*>(m_sentinel.m_prev), this); }
      class gmListDoubleNode<T> m_sentinel;
    /// \class gmListDoubleNode
    /// \brief intrusive node, must inherit this class templated to your class
    template <class T>
    class gmListDoubleNode
      inline gmListDoubleNode() {}
      /// \brief Remove from list.  Allows node to unlink from unknown list.
      inline void RemoveAndNullify()
        m_next->m_prev = m_prev;
        m_prev->m_next = m_next;
      gmListDoubleNode * m_next;
      gmListDoubleNode * m_prev;
      friend class gmListDouble<T>;
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    What happens if you remove the <T> and change :: to ->?
    inline T* GetNext(const T* a_elem) const { return (T*) a_elem->gmListDoubleNode->m_next; }

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