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    creating images with c++

    hi, i just wanna see how people may go about achieving an idea for a program I have. So far my program looks as a disk and maps its partitions and so on giving the user a text based review of the hard disks structure and size of the partitons and that. However I was thinking last night that it may be kool (i know im probably sad!) but to display my hard drive information in an image form. I dont want to create something too snazzy to begin with as I dont even have a clue how to start! Is there ways to determine shape size based on variable sizes for example I have a hardrive and a 2 partitions on it 'E' and 'C'. If 'E' takes up 60% and 'C' 40% of the harddrive, is there a way to determine a shape size buy the size of the partitons?

    thanks any input would be appreciated

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    Well the first thing you need to do is make sure you have really good backups. You're going to be messing with the disk at quite a low level for some of this, and there won't be much of a safety net between you and "OMG, it's gone!".

    You could probably start by digging here

    You can also read the physical disk (permissions permitting)
    which may also help figure some other stuff out by following some of the links.

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