Thread: how can i make this work?

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    how can i make this work?

    using namespace std;
    int main()
        string option;
        cout << "What Would You Like To Do?" << endl;
        cout << "To Withdraw Please Type withdraw" << endl;
        cout << "To Deposit Please Type  deposit" << endl;
        cin >> option;
        switch (option)
               case 'withdraw':
                    cout << "hi" << endl;
               case 'deposit':
                    cout << "bye" << endl;
                    cout << "NO" << endl;
         return 0;
    I want to make a little bank program but i keep getting an error....whats the problem?

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    Read your compiler's output - it should tell you that you can't use strings in switch statements - you have to use a simpler type. My suggestion would be to use a character or an integer, e.g. for withdrawals, enter 1, and in the switch statement have a case which handles that value. Your variable called option should be changed to an integer to do this.
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    You can't use strings in a switch and string literals have " around them, not '.

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