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    Getting correct output

    I'm fairly new to programming in general and have just started to learn C++. So as a small project to test what I know and just see what I can accomplish on my own I decided to make a simple calculator program that will compute simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and output the result. However, I can't figure out a way to make this program output a remainder for division problems that would have one.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int Operate(int numerouno, char operation, int numerodos); //Declares function 'Operate'
    int main()
        int num1;
        char affirm;
        int num2;
        char affirm2;
        char operation;
        int result;
        char restart;
        int loop;
        loop = 1;
        cout<<"Welcome to the Basic Calculator. In this program you will be able to add, \nsubtract, multiply or divide two numbers.\n" << endl;
        beginagain://Restart point if user wants to re-use program at the end.
        cout<<"What is your first number going to be?\n" << endl;
        /*goto command from Line 32*/ onenum:cin >> num1;
        //Checking for accuracy on First Number
        cout<<"\nAre you sure you want to use " << num1 << " as your first number?\nPress 'y' for yes and 'n' for no.\n" << endl;
        cin >> affirm;
        //If User says number is not correct prompts them to re-enter it by using goto.
            while (affirm == 'n')
                cout<<"Well then re-enter your first number, please.\n" << endl;
                goto onenum; //On line 17
       //After "affirm" is 'y' - Program continues and user is informed.
        cout<<"Ok! First number registered.\n"<<endl;
        //Prompts for second number.
        cout<<"What do you want your second number to be?\n" << endl;
        twonum:cin >> num2;
        //Checks for accuracy of second number.
        cout<<"\nAre you sure you want to use " << num2 << " as your second number?\nPress 'y' for yes and 'n' for no.\n" << endl;
        cin >> affirm2;
            //User can revise their second number if answer to above question is "n"
            while (affirm2 == 'n')
                cout<<"\nOh, then please re-enter your second number.\n" << endl;
                goto twonum; //On Line 41
        //After affirm2 = y, program continues.
        cout<<"\nOk! Now that we have both of your chosen numbers, what would you like to do withthem?\n"<<endl;
        //Gives instructions on what to input for desired operation.
        cout<<"+ for Addition\n- for Subtraction\n* for Multiplication\n/ for Division\n" << endl;
        //Gets result by calling function Operate
        result = Operate(num1, operation, num2);
        //prints out the expression and the answer
        cout<<"WARNING: If dividing and there is a remainder, the remainder will not show."<<endl;
        cout<<"\n\n\nWould you like to go back to the beginning of the Calculator?\n'Y' for yes or 'N' for no."<<endl;
            if (restart=='Y')
                goto beginagain;
    int Operate(int num1, char operation, int num2)
        if (operation=='+')
            return num1+num2;
        else if (operation=='-')
            return num1-num2;
        else if (operation=='*')
            return num1*num2;
        else if (operation=='/')
            return num1/num2;
        else cout<<"You suck."<<endl;
    That's the code for a working program that does all the right functions. I'm just not sure about how to make it output a remainder value for division. I don't care if it outputs a '0' remainder for addition subtraction and multiplication as well, but I would like it to output a correct remainder for the division.

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    The integer divide functionality in C++ (and most other languages, such as C, Pascal, Fortran, etc) gives you the integer part of the result. If you want to see what the remainder is, you can (cheat a bit [1] and) use the % operator.

    [1] To correctly calculate the remainder, you do
    r = x - (x / y) * y;
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    Since you've managed to use one while loop, there's no reason to fill the code with goto statements.
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    Thank you matsp. I got an idea after you posted that and was able to fix my remainder problem. Salem, thanks for the idea, I'm still a little shaky on while loops (a problem that hopefully gets solved with a little practice. Thanks to both of you for your help.

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