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    last write time

    hi, what Im trying to do is get the last write time for a registry key particulay one of the keys in the following path

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM-current control set-> control-Device classes ->{53f5630d-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}

    I know that the keys in here correspond to the last times your USB device was plugged into your computer. Thing is i have the following code which i thought worked as it gets the time and date and everything which seems right BUT when ive checked a bit further it doesn't seem to be retrieving the correct time. for example i ran my program and it got a time of 20:00 31/07/2008. I then unplugged my device and replugged which should have updated the keys last write time but when i ran my program my time and date output never changed! hmmm.

    I guess what im trying to say is, my code is totally wrong it just isnt completely right can anyone offer any suggestions cos im totally stumped here

                FILETIME writeTimeLPITs;
     int i = 0;
            while(RegEnumKeyEx(hKeyLPIT, i++, bufLPIT, &dwBufSizeLPIT, 0, 0, 0, &writeTimeLPITs) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
              cout << "LAST WRITE TIME OF KEY : " << bufLPIT << endl;
              dwBufSizeLPIT = sizeof(bufLPIT);
    /**************************************time for key (DEVICE FIRST PLUGGED IN TIME)*************************************************/
    SYSTEMTIME stLocal;
    FileTimeToSystemTime( &writeTimeLPITs, &stLocal );
                                             cout <<  stLocal.wYear << "/"
    					 << stLocal.wDay << "/"
    					 << stLocal.wMonth << " "
    					 << stLocal.wHour << ":"
    					 << stLocal.wMinute << ":"
    					 << stLocal.wSecond << ":"
    					 << stLocal.wMilliseconds ;

    I did think about trying something similar on msdn which was the getfiletime function. Ive pasted the example of theirs below which I think could possibly be what i need to use as it uses some windows functiony thing (sorry im guessing) to retrieve the last write time. However I am unsure how to user getfiletime on a registry key. If anyone could point me in the right direct please?

     FILETIME ftCreate, ftAccess, ftWrite;
        SYSTEMTIME stUTC, stLocal;
        DWORD dwRet;
        // Retrieve the file times for the file.
        if (!GetFileTime(hFile, &ftCreate, &ftAccess, &ftWrite))

    Sorry for the long post but this problem is soo frustrating! any help would be MUCH appreciated!!

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    I don't have answer to your question, but this has nothing to do with C++ and much to do with Windows programming, so next time, post in the correct board.
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    After looking on MSDN, I can tell you that if you are interested in knowing the last write time of a key, then you need to look at RegQueryInfoKey. I think that's what you were looking for. If you are looking for the last time a value (Microsoft terminology) has been written, then, I couldn't tell, it looks like there's no way to get this, but I might be wrong, I didn't read the whole "About the registry" documentation, and I'm far from being a knowledgeable Windows programmer.

    But I did wrote a small app to see if it was indeed working (and it does)... here it is... sharing it with the community... Yes.

    Still, next time, post in the right section.

    EDIT: But after rereading your first post, I'm not sure this is of any help, because as far as I can see from the poorly indented first section of your code, well, the problem might be in the key not being updated. I don't know.
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