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    List updating

    I want something that'll tell me when updates. I'm not that great at web-interactive programming, so I figured the next best thing would be to copy and paste the list into a file, have the program open it and compare it to an old list, and then output the new game names. Anybody have anything like that? Or know how to do an auto-updating one? Would an RSS feed or something work? How would I do that? I'm looking at C++ right now..

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    Personally, I'd use two shell commands from a bash script.
    - curl, to get the page
    - diff, to compare with the old one.
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    Do they have an rss feed? If they did you wouldn't need to program anything...unless it was an rss reader.

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    where do you get a curl command? I'm too lazy too google search that xD.. also, the problem would be if they added a line of HTML in anywhere, added a tab, or changed the tiniest formatting or ads, it would say all the lines changed. Plus if one game got added (it's alphabetical, not chronological), all the ones below it would get changed. I guess you could write a program to see whenever the number of lines something has moved increases by one and tell you there's stuff there, but that's just as much work..

    Yes, RSS feed, but I think it's a general for their site, and not for the game list. I'll check.

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