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    internal/external linkage


    Reviewing a linkage problem with a static data member of my class (problem on AIX), I started to doubt on its linkage type.

    # Internal linkage : identifiers can only be seen within a translation unit.
    # External linkage : identifiers can be seen (and referred to) in other translation units.

    If the identifier for a class has external linkage, then, in the implementation of that class, the identifiers for the following will also have external linkage:

    * A member function.
    * A static data member.


    A named class has external linkage, of that I'm sure. The static data member in that class has therefore also external linkage, hasn't it?

    The standard says the following:

    ISO/IEC 14882:2003(E)
    9 Classes
    9.4.2 Static data members

    6 Static data members of a class in namespace scope have external linkage (3.5). A local class shall not
    have static data members.

    But what exactly is meant by the specification "in namespace scope"? Should a class with a static data member always be defined in a named namespace? That would seem strange to me...


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    I don't think namespaces has anything to do with the linkage. The re-use of static for class member is more akin to static on local variables in functions than any of the other usages.

    And as you probably know, if you have a local static variable in a function, the scope of the function itself is not changed.

    static data members will be visible externally if the class itself is visible - namespace obviously comes into the visibility, but doesn't in itself define the external/internal linkage.

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