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    Setting class members

    Is there a short/quicker way to set class member except using the normal way..?

    	void SetDate(tm curr_tm)
    		day = curr_tm.tm_mday;
    		month = curr_tm.tm_mon;
    		year = curr_tm.tm_year;
    		hour = curr_tm.tm_hour;
    		minute = curr_tm.tm_min;
    		local_dt = curr_tm;
    Someone mentioned this but can't remember

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    I do not think so, but perhaps you are thinking of an initialisation list, but that is only applicable in a constructor.
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    Why don't you just encapulate the tm struct/class in your class instead of breaking out all the elements? The tm's copy constructor would take care of the copying for you if all of the members have well-defined copy semantics, and if they're just ints and longs, they do.
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