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    Bitwise operators

    Hey everybody,

    I have some quick and easy questions for you. Need to create some C++ statements to resemble assembler language (H6809).


    1. ANDA# - computes the bitwise and of memory[pc] and A....

    2. BEQ - stores the byte held in Memory[PC] (signextended) in EAR.

    ANy help much appreciated!!

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    1. You can use the & operator -

    var &= A;

    with store the bitwise AND of var and A in var (whatever A represents).

    2. There's no way of working directly with registers in C++ (I'm assuming EAR is a register). However you can use the register keyword as a hint to the compiler to store a variable in a register (which it often ignores). Something like -

    register byte_t = var;

    where var symbolises the location in memory, and byte_t is a typedef of char.

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    You could do what he said or you could use:

       mov ax, a
       mov bx, b
       or ax, bx
       mov a, ax
    This would leave the result in a. I think. My asm is a little rusty.
    MSVC++ 6.0

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