Thread: wxWidgets Reduce Rilesize

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    wxWidgets Reduce Rilesize

    I'm almost kinda sorta new to wxWidgets and wxDevCpp, and I want to know how people reduce the filesize and/or properly do it!

    This is what I have sofar:

    1: Obviously compress the executable with UPX or some other executable compressor
    2: We've found out that release is much smaller than debug.... duh
    3: What the heck is -o for optimizations? Cause' can't seem to get it to work lol
    4: Manually edit the setup.h file? YES! But what to disable?! The list goes on... with that
    5: Remove static linking... but wheres the fun in that?!

    I want to know what you guys think, and also if there is a tool for easily creating custom setup.h files for wxWidgets, because yaaahh.... if you could do that, that would be greeeaaat...

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    -o is not for optimizations, its for specifying the output file. -O is for optimizations, and apparently you want the "optimize for size, not speed" switch (which is -Os). There's also -s, which strips symbols from the binary.

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    Hmm, I was under the impression that -s got rid of debugging info... Interesting...

    Thank you for adding to my repository, I will test that right away

    Any more ideas anyone?

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    Yes. Don't worry about it.
    A "strip -s executable" combined with UPX should get the size down to ~600KB, IIRC. 600KB is not much today. (I usually use optimize for speed, not size.)
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    If you optimize for speed does that optimize runtime speed, or startup speed? Because I might be shooting myself in the foot and making my many calculations just a bit slower, when the program is designed to be very fast lol....


    um.... is it?

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