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    Professional Applications

    There are so many WIN32 wrappers and such like wxWidgets and GLUT and ... well you get the point and it makes me wonder what do professional companies use to write their software... for example Ultra Fractal has a very nice interface, or 3DS Max is complicated... any 3D Modeling software or stuff like that have nice interfaces and I guess those companies hire programmers who are really good at Windows programming, and cross platform development... but I also wonder if they have a wrapper of their own too. I would like to think that the way I develop my software isn't all too far off from the way major businesses develop theirs, just with many more programmers.

    Maybe someone wants to give some input on how these large companies go about developing cross-platform software, because perhaps I will program for a living someday

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    Opera uses Qt.

    Adobe have more than one internal cross-platform system, I think, although they're trying to converge their codebases on one (for obvious reasons).

    Many professional applications are still Win-only, so they use the API or MFC.

    Generally speaking, there are ways to find out. There's a little tool in Visual Studio called Spy++. It's a window inspection tool. Use it on the windows of the application and look at the window classes. Compare with what you know about various frameworks. For example, if the application is built with Borland's OWL or VCL, either in Delphi or C++ Builder, you'll get class names that contain the string "TWindow". MFC creates classes with the string "afx" and the most important properties encoded in the name. If you find custom class names, you're probably looking at an in-house wrapper.
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    Wow, that's cool! I didn't know that you could go and look up things like that! Thanks for the information.

    Now if only I could get the executable from wxWidgets to be smaller...

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    thanks again for the tips although I'm not the one asking the question.I myself was wondering what other companies uses for their interface.
    I myself was wondering what is spy++ that came together for visual studio,I heard a lot about it.
    Can't wait to go back home and try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by parad0x13 View Post
    Now if only I could get the executable from wxWidgets to be smaller...
    How big is your executable?

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    How many companies actually write real GUIs for UNIX?
    All the places I've worked for write console apps for UNIX and if they need a GUI they write a browser based GUI.

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    My binary size is around 4 megs, compiled with DevCpp, soon to be wxDevCpp, however even then my binarys were about that size if not the exact same.

    Before I didn't know about executable compressors, like UPX, but even with that godlike software I would like to shrink my file as much as possible. I can't seem to get the file any smaller by disabling options that I don't need in the setup.h file, however from what I could find it was setup0.h

    I also found a setup.h file and edited that one, to find that my binary didn't decrease in size any... It's alittle complicated all the setup.h files but I read that this was implemented because it was thought to be a good idea when it was programmed, and won't change because they don't want people to get EVEN MORE CONFUSED than they allready are, so I will have to learn how to manage all those setup.h files.

    I can't seem to get the whole -o for optimization, or any linker/compiler compiletime optimizers to decrease my filesize either... weird its almost if I'm doing something wrong! Nah, can't be...

    So yea, havin' a few troubles over here but hopefully soon I can program with lovely wxWidgets and not have to worry about bogging down network resources with file transferring... (Even though nowadays that shouldn't even be an issue... especially for a 4MEGFILE!!!)

    *However I will create another thread addressing this issue if it is not already addressed, that way people with this issue can search for the thread by definition, and it not being an any random arbitrary thread : )
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    Options to pass to the linker when you create the release executable
    Quote Originally Posted by man ld
    Omit debugger symbol information (but not all symbols) from the output file.
    Omit all symbol information from the output file.
    Command line tool, to do the same
    Quote Originally Posted by strip
    strip - Discard symbols from object files.
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