Thread: appending a number to string?

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    appending a number to string?

    How do I append a number to the end of a string (and get a string back)? For example, I want to run a for() loop similar to: for(i = 0; i < num; i++), and for each pass through the loop I want to append i to a predefined string (ex: "number", so what I want to get from each run through the loop is a string like "number1", "number2", etc). thanks!

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    . . . except that you can do the concatenation on the stringstream, rather than after converting the number to a std::string.

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    Also, you could use lexical_cast, from boost. It can do quite the same thing as using stringstream, but it's "easier" to use most of the time (well it's not that using stringstream is hard to use, but lexical_cast is just really simple).
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