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    accessing enum members

    I'm trying to access the enum as described below:

    enum SomeEnum
          memberA = ...;
          memberB = ...;
    // more members
    I'm trying to use one of the members of the enum as shown in an example function call here:
    Basically, how would I access any member of the enum properly?

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    You don't access the members of an enum.

    You see, an enum is a type of variable that can be assigned to one of many different values. For example:
    enum fruit {
    fruit favourite = apple;
    if(favourite == pear) {
        /* ... */

    Defining an enum makes the values of the enum visible, like constants or #defines, and those values can be assigned to variable of the enum's type.

    [edit] [/edit]

    [edit] If you're looking for a construct where you can access the members, look up structs, classes, or perhaps unions (but probably not). [/edit]
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