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    [Note that this is in that case a bug in the compiler, really]
    The standard says the following:
    3 After name lookup (3.4) finds that a name is a template-name, if this name is followed by a <, the < is
    always taken as the beginning of a template-argument-list and never as a name followed by the less-than
    operator. When parsing a template-id, the first non-nested > is taken as the end of the template argument- list rather than a greater-than operator. [Example:
    template<int i> class X { /* ... */ };
    X< 1>2 > x1; // syntax error
    X<(1>2)> x2; // OK
    template<class T> class Y { /* ... */ };
    Y< X<1> > x3; // OK
    Y<X<6>> 1> > x4; // OK: Y< X< (6>>1) > >     <----------
    This does not concern the shift operator, but it (line <-------) seems to indicate that the end of two nested templates must be separated by a blank space..

    ps: how do I color a line in my thread?
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