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    Question Vehiclular Traffic Monitoring

    Greetings board!

    My professor has tasked us with creating a model of a traffic intersection. For 3 weeks (so far) we've been stationed at different points on different sidewalks, counting the cars that passed through different streets and traffic lights during the time of 1845-1900.

    In this model, he wants us to eventually be able to run a simulation with the real-world data that we've accumulated.

    Also, he would like for us to have car size, traffic light duratio, street distance, average queue depth, etc.

    Pretty much, my question is how would I go about structuring it. I can have all the information and grasp how each piece is important, but how would I start the program?


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    I'm not really sure, but you could look into making a simulation model by setting up a system of equations to simulate a grid of nodes(intersections) that are connected by edges(roads)? Not really sure how you'd accomplish things like taking into account depth size etc. but just throwing out an idea here.

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