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    Starting to program

    Hello, Im just starting learning this language.
    I've tried before also but never got further from few days and from learning the "Hello World" program.

    I used to use a C++ compiler. I thinkit was Microsoft C++ program or something.

    Well i don't have it anymore and i was wondering which free c++ proggie you recommend me. And also maybe a link to the first tutorial/guide to read.
    Well something basic and smthing for someone whose motherlanguage isn't english.

    Cause i've forgot everything about c++.

    Thanks, Char

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    Assuming you're on Windows, I would recommend something of the line of MinGW. There's a number of free compilers that you can find one way or another.

    This website itself is decent for C++ information. You should have noticed the tutorials when you first visited the website, so I won't bother linking to them.

    Welcome to cboard.

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    Google "Thinking in C++" and download the free electronic book.

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    It was probably Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual C++ or whatever they call it. You can download a free version of it from their website, I believe.

    There are lots of others you can try if you like, too.

    What's your native language? If you look around you might be able to find tutorials in other languages.

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