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    big integer

    does any one have a prewritten class for handling really big integers(100 digits....).
    Just basic operations
    Its really helpful in coding contests, like java has the inbuilt BigInteger class.

    thanx in advance.

    Ps: please paste the code,as I am not able to download anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eklavya8 View Post
    Ps: please paste the code,as I am not able to download anything.
    I'm pretty sure that any pre-written class to do this would be slightly larger than what we would want to have posted here.

    A member with the user-name iMalc has a big integer class, which if you would like to download it, is here:

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    More than just basic operations, but also in all likelyhood considerably faster than anything any individual member here has produced.

    LGPL, though. Be aware of the conditions.
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