Thread: question regarding outputting data to adobe flash

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    Question question regarding outputting data to adobe flash

    hi all, im new to C++ and i am learning using Visual studios (2005).

    for my multimedia course i am creating an interactive peice using a wii remote. i am using a C++ library that already handles the conection to the wii remote and recieves and sends data to the wii remote.

    I am planning on creating a flash project that uses data from the wii remote as the interactive controller for the project.

    for example: twisting the wii remote will speed up some video footage.

    anyway onto my question: Is it possible to output data to an xml document or something similar that flash will be able to read in order to create the interactivity between the two programs?

    i know this is kind of an odd question but im kinda new to C++ programming and any help on which path to follow would be much appreciated.


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    Of course you can write a text file, which is all that XML is. There are also libraries that make the creation easier.

    The harder part, I think, would be to make Flash actually read that file.
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