Thread: 'FILE fp is private within this context'

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    Depends on what you're doing. If you're in an IDE (Dev-cpp, codeblocks, VS) putting everything into one single project will do the right thing automagically.

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    all i've dealt with so far is writing code and compiling it, on dev-c++ and then importing it to linux to compile again, don't know how to make a project.

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    You fix it by properly compiling:

    Quote Originally Posted by anon View Post
    Or in other words, since you say you are getting linker errors it means that you must be compiling only main.cpp and not any of the other files.

    So again, have you created a project with Dev-C++ and added all the cpp files to it? You can compile single-file programs without a project but you need one if you have more files.
    Edit: If you're compiling on the command line, you need to specify all the .cpp files.

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    ya, its working ok now. last time i did this is didnt make a project but it looks like i have to now.

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