Thread: "<?": I have no idea what this is

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    "<?": I have no idea what this is

    I was reading some code and found this line:

    mil[j+1] = mil[j] <? res[j];

    What the "<?" mean? My first guess would be a conditional, like in "a<b?c:d", but the < is a binary operator, so it doesn't make much sense.


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    I believe that's shorthand for:

    mil [j + 1] = mil [j] < res [j] ? mil [j] : res [j];
    i.e. it returns the lesser of the two values.

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    It is a compiler extension for gcc, and is not standard C++. I also think it means exactly what you guessed it means. It's just shorthand.

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    Interesting, well I certainly learnt something today. I guess >? works too? What about <=? etc?
    Of course on most compilers it's what we call a "syntax error".
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    They're all deprecated and may have even be removed in 4.3. I think I remember something to that effect in the changelog.
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