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    Subject Descriptions

    I know this belongs on the Genereal Programming board, but I think it would be beneficial for the people here to listen to this too. I've seen about 5 threads with the subject "Help!!!" on them. Now, maybe it's just me, but it's real annoying. If I'm the only one who thinks that, just take this thread on the board, otherwise it might be a good idea to warn people when they call their thread Help.

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    I agree with this. The same for threads with a description like "Question". There are too many threads with such a description, it would be so much better if people wrote a description which tells about the post.

    There's also different thing. Some threads seem more a description of a problem than a question. I usually ask those people about what their problem really is and if they can supply some code showing what they're doing. If those people really want help, they should provide as much info as possible.

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