Thread: differnce between endl and "\n"

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    differnce between endl and "\n"

    i'm a newbie to c++.i want to know that is there any differnce between endl,"\n" and '\n'.(although all are used to place the cursor to newline).any help will be appreciated.

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    '\n' is a single newline character.
    "\n" is a string containing only a single newline character.
    std::endl is an iostream manipulator that, when inserted into a stream, writes a newline and then flushes the stream.

    Use endl if you want a newline and want to force immediate display of the output (or you want to safeguard against data loss in the face of a crash, i.e. when writing debug information).
    All other times, in particular when your next operation is writing yet another thing, use the newline character directly.
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    Forcing a stream to flush is rarely necessary in C++, it is almost always done automatically in the cases that you need it. Because of this I almost always use '\n' and if I really want a flush I just send std::flush to the stream instead of std::endl to make it clear that I'm trying to force a flush specifically.

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